Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE's) What Are They?

Stefanie Juon

Advanced Glycation End Products AGE's happen when foods are heated aggressively such as oils with a low smoke point, meats, and vegetables. It essentially turns your food into a carcinogen. Anything over 117 degrees will begin to destroy the enzymes within the food rendering it "dead food." As tasty as charred meats are, lessen your consumption to limit carcinogens and free radicals. This also applies to fats, oils, processed meats, and cheese. 

As soon as a food is plucked from the earth it will start to oxidize. Think about it... the food is picked, shipped from all over the country, and then it lands on the shelf, then it lands in your basket, then it lands in your refrigerator. The food has already lost a good amount of nutrients at this point.

Try and shop as local as possible and don't cut your fruits and vegetables unless you are going to eat them that day. Do not buy pre-cut fruits or veggies at the grocery store for this very reason unless you are truly pressed for time. You're paying money for it so you better get the most out of it! And If you're hitting up those fresh juice joints, make sure you drink it straight away!

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