Ever Hear Of “Breathable” Nail Polish?!

I’m obsessed!

(Nails After 7 Days)
Because this particular lacquer is permeable and porous, it keeps nails beautifully polished while allowing air and moisture to reach them.
Nail cells will expand and contract as they absorb and store moisture, making traditional nail polish split, crumble, and/or peel.
With breathable nail polish, small water and air molecules are able to pass through and can improve nail health, minimize chipping and peeling by allowing oxygen and moisture to pass through the polish more easily, as well as the nails' natural oils.
My Favorite Brand Nailtopia Benefits:
Due to enhanced oxygen nails dry fast, non-toxic, and made with plant-based bio-sourced fruit & vegetables.

For in-between polishes, I created and use the Hydro-Body Balm for healthy, shiny, and strong nails.

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