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Can You Get Enough Vitamin D from The Sun While Wearing Sunscreen Daily, 365 Days A Year?

Stefanie Juon

Q:  Can you get enough Vitamin D from the sun while wearing sunscreen daily, 365 days a year?

A: Yes! Even while wearing sunscreen on the daily you will still get enough UVB rays reaching your skin giving you a dose of Vitamin D. All it takes is about 10-30 minutes worth of exposure. The more melanin (skin pigment) you produce the more exposure you’ll need.


Aim for an SPF of 30, a clean and non-toxic sunscreen. Don’t put yourself at risk! It takes the same 10-30 minutes of unprotected exposure to start DNA damage that will last a lifetime. 

If you would like to know your current vitamin D status as well as other synergistic nutrients contact us for testing information!

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