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Did you know that we have more bacterial cells in the body than we do human cells? 100 Trillion Bacterial Cells vs. 37.2 Trillion Human Cells!

I usually say it to my clients this way: There is only so much space in the gut, and if something overgrows, it will throw the gut off balance. We need to crowd out the bad bacteria with the good. We never want to go in with just the intent of killing pathogenic bacteria, as a lot of times this winds up wiping out your entire microbiome, the bad and the good bacteria, which is a huge and essential part of your immune system.

Don’t use things like oregano oil, which is very harsh and wipes out the good with the bad, but instead use a product that will help your microbiome grow and flourish.

Any statements or products mentioned herein this article are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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