Healthy Holiday Eating Tips From Stefanie Juon, ND

Stefanie Juon

You don’t have to get off track with these 7 tips for eating healthy around the holidays!

1.) Sip on room temp or warm water before and after meals adding a lemon wedge if desired — drinking lot’s of water or any beverages that are iced can hinder your digestion.

2.) Eat your protein and your veggies first!

3.) Eat slowly, mindfully, and enjoy the company.

4.) Say no when you know, it’s okay to say no!

5.) Don’t eat everything at once. If you’ve overfilled your plate, half it and save as leftovers.

6.) Choose your splurges! Dessert OR a cocktail and let it be a pre-dinner or an after-dinner drink giving at least 30 minutes before or after eating.

7.) Stand and stretch after your meal and if possible go for a short walk! 

Have a happy and healthy Holiday!


Stefanie Juon, ND

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