UVA vs. UVB Rays

UVA Facts:

☀️The lower cellular layers of the skin's dermis, are most affected by UVA rays. 

☀️They can easily pass through clouds, gray skies, and glass all year long and go into your skin. 

☀️Tanning salons use UVA lighting!

☀️Photoaging, or premature skin aging, is a result of UVA rays. particularly over time, black spots (sunspots), fine lines, wrinkles, and “leathery skin”. 

☀️In the lower layers of the skin, squamous and basal skin cells' DNA is mutated by UVA. Some of these mutations may eventually lead to cancer.

UVB Facts:

☀️Redness and sunburn are caused by UBV's impact on the skin's outermost cell layers. 

☀️The strongest rays are between 10AM and 4PM, April through October. They do not penetrate glass. 

☀️Despite UVA being the main direct culprit, UVB rays are also responsible for photo-aging. 

☀️The DNA of the upper (or outer) skin layers can be mutated by UVB, which is by far the most direct contributor to skin malignancies. Melanoma in particular, which can be lethal.  

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