Why I switched to Himalayan Salt

Stefanie Juon

Years ago, I made the switch over to Himalayan salt, and I have never gone back. I use it in cooking, baking, and personal care such as mouth gargles and detox baths. And to be quite honest, I can taste the difference compared to other salts.

Common table salt is highly processed, stripped of its minerals and contains added synthetic iodine, which can cause imbalances in the body. It also undergoes bleaching, and can contain harmful additives and preservatives. 

Himalayan Salt is minimally processed and does not contain additives. It is loaded with natural trace minerals, including all necessary electrolytes and iodine. These minerals assist in bodily functions, such as reducing muscle cramps, and balancing fluid levels, blood pressure, cellular pH, and hormones to name a few.

None of the statements or products contained herein this article are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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