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BiomeFX Introduction:

BiomeFx has a higher DNA capture than any other popular stool test on the market. This is because of a DNA sequencing method called whole-genome sequencing. This allows the test to see not only the presence of certain gut microbes, but also their precise abundance so that we can measure ratios of bacteria and determine ratios of dysbiosis for each individual.

Many stool tests use quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) or metatranscriptomics using RNA, rather than DNA. These methods can miss up to 50% of the microbes present in a stool sample and doesn't offer information dysbiotic ratios.


BiomeFX High Contact Sampling Method:

Stool testing is only as good as the sampling method and sequencing technology used.

Most stool testing kits on the market currently use the “scooping” method, which involves collecting minuscule samples of the surface of the stool. However, this does not allow for a high DNA capture of the stool sample.

Stool itself is a three-dimensional structure with a heterogeneous (mixed) composition of bacteria and bacterial DNA. This means that the inside of the stool will have a different distribution of microbes than the surface.

Considering this fact, there are many limitations to the typical sampling methods. In creating the next generation of stool kits, we have taken these factors into consideration.

Taking a cross-sectional sample, or coring, of the stool, will provide a much different picture than just the surface. The key to effective sampling is to maximize contact throughout the entire 3D structure of the stool to get the most comprehensive representation of bacterial DNA.

BiomeFx will allow you to walk away with:

  • Accurate, reliable results
  • A deeper understanding of how your microbiome may be impacting your overall health Individualized lifestyle and dietary recommendations
  • Actionable outcomes

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